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  • 10/14/15--06:44: 3 ways to wear denim shorts

  • All year round.

    There are a few wardrobe items that just seems to make life easier. Like a structured black blazer (surprise!), a crisp white shirt, and last (but definitely not least) denim. 

    And since we're still technically in the in-between seasons, I thought it's the perfect time to talk about one of my favourite things to wear (but also one of the hardest things to find) - i.e. denim shorts that fit exactly how they should. 

    Finding the perfect pair isn't easy; the length, the rise and the wash all play a part in determining how they look when they're on. 

    That's why I decided to show you three styles I love and a few different ways to wear them, so you and your next pair of denim shorts can live happily ever after <3

    Ready, set, go.



    The most obvious way to wear them is with a plain tee, but that doesn't mean your outfit has to look ZzzzZZzzzZzz. Try keeping it tonal (e.g. white on white, black on black or blue on blue), and add a belt or a necktie to break it up a bit. 



    Here I'm going for the wardrobe staple trifecta. I love the combination of a crisp white shirt, black blazer and these denim shorts

    A lighter wash tends to read casual, so try wearing it with a blazer and a boyfriend shirt to elevate your outfit. Necktie optional (but highly recommended). 



    Alexa Chung approves. Wear your denim shorts after dark with a high neckline and statement earrings. I find that pairing a high-waisted pair like these with a dressy top is an easy way to nail the whole 'done, but undone' thing. Easy!

    *Shot in collaboration with Nobody Denim. 'Mondo' and 'Skyline' styles coming soon. 

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  • 10/25/15--23:35: BALMAIN X HM COLLECTION

  • This is happening.

    By now, I'm guessing this outfit needs no introduction. Kendall Jenner debuted it at the Billboard Music Awards just after the world was blessed with the news that #God, a.k.a. Olivier Rousteing of Balmain Paris was collaborating with H&M on a high street collection

    ... And just like that, magic was made. 

    I was lucky enough to attend the official #HMBALMAINATION launch in NYC last week and it was E V E R Y T H I N G. No, seriously - E V E R Y T H I N G. 

    ... But I expected nothing less from the king of social media. 

    Olivier keeps good company, and by 'good company' I mean the ultimate #GIRLSQUAD, with besties like Gigi, Bella, Kendall, Joan Smalls, Jourdan Dunn, Karlie Kloss and Alessandra Ambrosio who all dominated the runway on the night.

    Oh, and did I mention the show closed with a surprise performance by the Backstreet Boys? Yes, Backstreet's Back, and it's more than alright with me.

    At the press conference Olivier named this blazer as one of his favourite pieces because the pearls remind him of his first season at the house of Balmain. The shape and the embellishment are iconic - so iconic that when we were shooting this Downtown, at least three people yelled-out something like 'it's that H&M Balmain baby!'. God I love New York.  

    This look is definitely a little more over the top than what you usually see me in, but sometimes it's fun to go all or nothing, especially when it involves Balmain, and especially when in NYC.

    But for those of you who prefer to stick with the wardrobe staples, the collection also offers the most amazing black coats, leather jackets and blazers too. I'm now the proud owner of them all (I went nuts at the media sale, #YOLO), and damn it feels good. 

    The collection lands in store on the 5th of November, but judging by the hype, heed my words - BLINK, AND YOU'LL MISS IT.

    I'll be posting some of my favourite pieces from the collection the day before it launches so you can get a head start on compiling that wish list. 

    Trust me, it will be a long one. 

     Balmain x H&M collection (available 5th November, 2015). All details here.

    Tash Williams

    See more from the event on my Instagram, Facebook& Snapchat: @chroniclesofher

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    Get involved.

    Denim's been making a conscious shift from 'staple' to 'statement' lately.

    I still stand by my word that classic styles will never date, but denim with a point of difference (like frayed edges or a released hemline) is at the top of my 'TO DO' list right now.


    Because rather than forming the basis of an outfit, it becomes the outfit - but it's still casual enough to wear over and over again. 

    It's all about 'dem frayed edges, baby, and I'm all about this Bassike kimono-style denim jacket. It speaks to my philosophy of 'the bigger, the better' - where everything just falls like it should and nothing pulls where it shouldn't.

    FYI I don't intend to take it off. Ever. 

    P.S. Incase you missed it - some of my favourite Australian designers like Bassike, Dion Lee, Scanlan Theodore and KitX are now available to shop internationally on Farfetch! Trust me, you want to get to know them. 


    *Shot in collaboration with Farfetch.

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  • 11/03/15--23:31: A recipe for outfit success

  • It works every time.
    I know I’m probably not alone when I say getting dressed often feels like a chore - particularly when you’ve become bored with every single item in your wardrobe.

    I’ve never had a ‘uniform’ to fall back on because I’ve always worked in fashion, and I now work from home, so coming-up with new and inventive looks each day can be a full-time struggle - if you allow it to be that way.

    But hey, reality check: we all know this is a #firstworldproblem, and time spent deliberating over outfits should be minimal. That’s exactly why I came-up with a strategy to get me up and out of the house quickly, while still feeling good about what I’m wearing.

    I follow the same basic principles when putting an outfit together each morning, so I decided to share the love and write a post about it.

    Here’s how it goes.


    Why? You can wear them over and over again, and no one will notice. Think of these pieces as the foundation of your outfit. Owning a pair of flattering black jeans, some basic tees and singlets (I prefer oversized styles, but just that’s my personal preference), and a few other bottoms of your choice (skirts and shorts in varying lengths) will make your life so much easier.


    Less is more in my opinion, so I always go for classic pieces that I know I’ll be able to wear forever. An all-black outfit can sometimes feel a bit ‘meh’, but adding accents of gold or silver instantly brings it to life. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - The Tiffany T collection is my all-time favourite because of it’s simplicity, versatility and timeless beauty. Invest in pieces like these with strength and structure because you literally never have to take them off. They go with everything, and you can wear them around the clock.


    At the moment it’s all about the necktie, but also consider hats, statement sunglasses or a stand-out pair of shoes. This is your chance to customise your outfit to really reflect ‘you’, so get creative.


    I guess mine would be big, textured hair, a balance of boy-meets-girl elements and at least one ring with a simple, wide band which I never take off.

    Of course, adding-in a few statement wardrobe pieces is always fun on special occasions, but I think this is a pretty fail-safe back-up plan to count on from day-to-day.


    Meghan Hosie.

    Watch the video:

    Jason Domancie. 

    Drake Eatery, Bondi Beach.

    *Shot in collaboration with Tiffany & Co. and Vogue Australia.

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  • 11/10/15--21:30: The November IT list

  • Shop my lust list on Bloglovin. 

    So excited to share something with you that I've been working on for a while - The November IT list curated by yours truly and available to shop now via the Bloglovin' Shop

    I trawled the internet to find everything the cool girls are wearing right now - spanning from high end to high street to cater for every bank account. It also includes a few beauty products I swear by - including the fragrance I never leave the house without and my secret tool for contoured cheekbones and a luminous glow. 

    Take a look here, and make sure you let me know what you love (or purchase!) in the comments. 



    SIR the label top | IRO jeans | Levi's denim jacket (vintage) | Chloe sandals

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    Fix up, look sharp. Effort required = zero.

    The festive season is almost upon us, which means Christmas parties (lots of Christmas parties) and end of year celebrations just for the sake of it.

    But we’re not talking about your average Saturday night out here, people - these end-of-year events call for stepping it up a notch and looking extra special (no pressure). 

    Sounds exhausting, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be (if you know how to cut corners). 

    It’s all about preparation, and simplifying the ‘getting ready’ routine (because less time in-front of the mirror = more time sipping champaign at the party).  

    Here’s 4 things I do to get dressed-up in a hurry (and they work every single time):


    Every woman needs at least one fail-safe option in her wardrobe that she can count on time and time again. I’m talking about something you can slip on after a day at your desk that makes you feel a million dollars. 

    Tip: black is usually a good starting point (particularly if you plan on over-indulging!).


    Hair dryers and curling irons are hard work, so I skip them altogether when I’m in a rush. The best alternative? A tonne of texture spray and a dishevelled bun. It takes about 2 minutes, and keeps your formal attire looking relaxed and understated, but still pulled-together. 


    Nothing takes an outfit to the next level like investment jewellery. Choose just one or two statement pieces that add the finishing touches without overdoing it.

    For this, I never look further than the Tiffany T collection. I love it’s strength and simplicity. The pieces are always complimentary, but never overpowering, and there’s just something about them that makes you feel extra special. The gold T cuff is at the top of my Christmas wish list this year (dear boyfriend, yes, that was a hint).


    There’s nothing healthy about a tan, but everyone looks better with a (faux) one. I never remember to apply one the night before, so I just mix a bit of St Tropez Instant tan with my moisturiser  pre-party, and massage it into my arms, legs and décolletage. Trust me, it will make you look like you’ve been on vacation (even though the reality is far from it) and it literally takes two minutes. Winning!



    Meghan Hosie

    Jason Domancie

    *Shot in collaboration with Tiffany & Co. and Vogue Australia.

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  • 12/16/15--02:16: 3 unique holiday looks

  • ... that you can actually wear more than once.

    I've always been a last minute kind of girl, but this year I'm making a promise to myself.

    Rather than making an impulse purchase the day before (or day of, more likely) a special event during the holidays, I'm locking down a few investment pieces in advance to take me well into the new year. 

    It's better to buy one or two amazing pieces, than five average ones that you'll be over after the first wear. Black is always a good option because it's versatile, and tops and skirts can be mixed-back with other pieces in your wardrobe. 

    Here's three looks to inspire you. 


    Josh Goot top | skirt | Gianvito Rossi shoes


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  • 12/23/15--04:39: All I want for Christmas

  • Isssssss...

    A lot, actually.

    I'm not talking about the tangible things (but seriously, side note – how amazing are these Aquazzura for Ferragamo open-toe booties!?)... I'm talking about real things.

    Things like:


    Clarity of thought.

    Time to reflect.

    Wellbeing through health and work-life balance.

    A social media detox (so overdue!).

    Self-discipline to follow through.

    Determination to make it happen.

    Ok, ok... AND new shoes to make me feel a million $$$ while I'm doing all of the above (that goes without saying, riiiight?).

    But seriously, let's use this restorative break to reflect on 2015, and make a list of our goals to help us to be our best in 2016. There's no time like the present!

    Choose a gift (big or small) to reward yourself for all of the progress you've made in 2015, because if you don't acknowledge how far you've come, you can't actually gauge how far you have to go until you reach your goals.

    And, just quietly, I did exactly that with these new shoes designed by Aquazzura's Edgardo Osorio for Salvatore Ferragamo. They are like heaven in a shoe; sexy, flattering, comfortable and transeasonal all-in-one – it's not often that you get to have your cake and eat it too, right?

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays! x


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    Great minds think alike.

    This week I’m doing something a little different on The Chronicles of Her.

    I’m often asked about the makeup I use - particularly on
    my skin - so I decided to share the love.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup is my numero uno. It’s what I use every day, and what I’ve used for the past eight months.

    I know foundation can be such a personal thing, and what works for one person sometimes doesn’t work for another - so I put it to the test for the day on someone else - i.e. my sister, Breanna. 

    First things first - we’re kind of same, same, but different: my sister’s a corporate lawyer; I’m self- employed, my skin tends to be quite dry; while hers is more ‘combination’, and she prefers foundation with more coverage for the office, while I like something I can apply only where I need it.

    Our different skills complement each other - she advises me on how to be a business boss, and I help her curate an amazing work wardrobe (win win). And naturally, we share secrets - like which is the best foundation. She’s had trouble finding one that works - those that look good in the morning don’t last, and those that stay put usually look like clay by the end of the day.

    So for the purpose of this post, we both wore Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup to our respective ‘offices’ for the day, followed by an event in the evening (to time-test the promised 15-hour wear), and just as I expected... she’s a total Double Wear convert.

    Good skin is always in. It’s important in her job to look polished and professional, and it’s important in my job for shoots and events.

    I know some people use different foundations for day and night, but why use two when you can use one that ticks all the boxes?

    It’s the only foundation I’ve ever used that stays on all day - through heat, humidity and stressful situations. It’s still there when I get home after a long day, but if I have a special event I like to build it up on my cheeks, chin and forehead for more coverage.

    Oh, and if you’re worried about this making it look ‘cake facey’ like other long wear foundations - don’t be. You can layer it up - it won’t go patchy and it has a semi-matte finish to give just the right amount of glow while your skin’s natural texture shines through.

    It’s also oil-free - I literally wear it all day, every day and it’s never made me break out once.

    Cheers to that.



    Day: & Other Stories shirt (similar) | ReDone Denim jeansChloé shoes | RayBan sunglasses | Gucci bag (similar here& here)


    Day:Daniel Avakian dress & neck tie | Celine bag | Saint Laurent sunglasses
    Evening: Dion Lee dress

    Nicole Cooper

    *Shot in collaboration with Estée Lauder.

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    Officially one of my favourite projects to date.

    I can't believe it's fashion month again already. 

    It literally only seems like yesterday that I spent a whirlwind 12-hours galavanting around NYC to shoot this collaboration for Polo Ralph Lauren

    It's not often that I get to combine work and play, but after having the opportunity to do so on this project in September 2015 while in town for NYFW, I can honestly say it makes the whole experience all the more memorable. 

    Chronicles of Her x Polo Ralph Lauren just made sense to me. I guess you could say Ralph, well, speaks my language. Everything is classic, understated and timeless - very New York, with a Downtown edge. I had free reign of the Fall 2015 collection to shoot these images and it couldn't have been easier (seriously, minimal styling required here, people - hang a bomber over your shoulders, pop on some sneakers and you've nailed it).

    We kicked-off our morning with a caffeine hit at Ralph's Coffee on 5th Avenue (a must-visit when in NYC!), and then took to the streets, slowly making our way back to Soho where we wrapped up with late afternoon hangs on a stoop (of course). 

    I hope you enjoy this little window into the world of Polo Ralph Lauren as much as I enjoyed capturing it. 

    Missing you, NYC!

    Meghan Hosie

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    Learn from the best.

    The fashion world is often passed-off as 'trivial', particularly during this time of year when fashion month takes-over our Instagram feeds and we're bombarded with images from extravagant runway shows and street style laden with (very pretty) statement Louis Vuitton bags. 

    Sometimes, it even makes me stop and question whether I should be devoting my time to something more 'meaningful', but you know what I've come to realise? Fashion is very meaningful. It brings a lot of meaning to my life, and always has - and I'm sure I'm not alone here.

    I'm not talking about tangible items, because these things come and go. I'm talking about style as a whole; practising appreciation for beautiful things, celebrating creativity and acknowledging the art of creating desire. These are all things that should be celebrated. 

    So for this post I'm sharing a few things I've noticed all of my favourite fashion women have in common (and they don't cost a thing).

    Read. Listen. Learn.


    ... for beautiful things. Every day. Everywhere. It's not about having more, but consciously surrounding yourself with things you love that lift you up and make you feel good. Special purchases shouldn't leave you feeling guilty, materialistic or over-indulgent. There is nothing wrong with giving yourself the gift of beauty when you've earned it.

    I got this bike at the end of last year, and even though I don't get to ride it often, just looking at it in my apartment makes me feel happy because it's so damn beautiful.


    ... high and low, old and new. My favourite style is always a combination of the two, so cherish the things you love and don't let them go in and out with 'trends'.  


    ... in yourself, in your style choices, in the way you look in what you're wearing. You can wear the most boring outfit, but if you exude confidence, you'll always be appealing.


    Always. Life's too short to feel awkward.


    Who are you? Who do you want to be? What do you want to share with the world about yourself? Think about these questions - the answers should always inform your style choices.


    Wear the same thing twice. Wear it 10 times if you feel good in it. When you find something that works - stick to it (for me, that involves vintage Levi's, a plain tee and sneakers 80% of the time). 

    I love when people develop a signature and run with it - the same vintage T, the same sunglasses or a particular piece of jewellery. Let go of the pressure to always have something 'new', and revisit the things you once loved that are very 'you'.

    Bec & Bridge top | Citizens of Humanity jeans | Gucci bag | Céline sunglasses | Springcourt sneakers | Papillionaire 'Sommer' bicycle

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    Better late than never!

    I can't believe it's been over a year since I published this post with my New Year's resolutions for 2015, but after looking back, I'm actually pretty proud of my efforts to keep them (well most of them anyway - I'm still annoyingly indecisive). 

    And after your amazing feedback on that post, I thought I'd share them again this year to a) inspire you and hopefully find out some of yours in the comments and b) help myself stick to them now that I've put them up on the WWW. 


    I'm carrying this one over from last year because it's a work in progress and it's also what I'm spending most of my time on right now - WATCH THIS SPACE!

    *** Also, make sure you sign up to my mailing list above because completely NEW and EXCITING things are about to happen here and, trust me, you'll want to know about it!


    This is a really important one. A lot can be gained by simply changing your perspective. For example, changing the words 'I don't have time to' to 'it's not important to me' really helps me realise that the things I'm skipping (like exercise and taking time to chill) are often the most important!


    Sad but true fact: I spend most of my time on social media or glued to a laptop screen (like most Millennials!). If I had a dollar for every hour I've spent scrolling my Instagram feed (or searching for the right Emoji!) I'd be Beyoncé. So this year it's all about podcasts (at least then I'll be learning something in my spare time!). Some of my favourites are Serial, Ted Radio Hour and Stuff You Should Know.

    Know any other good ones? Tell me in the comments!


    Put your hand up if you're guilty of buying something new, then finding it sitting in your wardrobe a month later with the tag still on?
     🙋 (<---- me). It's easy to get stuck in a routine of wearing the same pieces in your wardrobe on rotation, but I'm going to try and mix it up. Because, really, if you're only wearing 20% the other 80% should go... And like, that's not happening. 


    I usually let reality and my subconscious get in the way of allowing myself to have really, big, scary dreams. But this year I'm trying something different - dream big, write it down, and then act on it. This usually means starting with baby steps, but I've realised it's always better to start somewhere than nowhere at all!

    6. BELIEB IT

    Confession: I'm a Belieber (Sorry?). And at some point I WILL land myself tickets to the Purpose world tour and be one of those screaming, crying girls down the front (don't judge). 


    ... Because, why not?

    Toni Maticevski dress | Springcourt sneakers (FYI, the best!)| Preen sunglasses

    Meghan Hosie

    Special thanks to Kristian and Sam for the loan of this epic rooftop, and my talented friend Meghan for capturing the magic!

    *P.S. 'Scuze the windswept hair - it's the best we could manage sans hair and makeup artist with a small team of two including myself (especially considering we're both terrible climbers and scarred of heights!). 

    **P.P.S. I did an amazing shoot with Buro 24/7 Australia that you need to see! Click here to see it (and Gucci, and Proenza, and Burberry, and DIAMONDS!).

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    Read on to find out.
    Denim is one of the hardest things to shop for.

    It all looks same/same, but different. Well, at least that's what it seems like until you see someone wearing exactly what your denim dreams are made of - the perfect shade of blue, with just the right amount of rips and distressed bits and an unbelievable fit. These elusive pieces are seriously worth their weight in gold, and they're WAY easier to find if you know what you're looking for.

    So for this post I'm sharing my denim shopping checklist. My #1 rule?? Only invest if it ticks all the boxes.

    Here's what I look out for:


    Classic is where it's at. True blue denim is timeless, universally-flattering and it wears in the best way possible.

    It also goes with literally every colour and can be made ocassion-appropriate 90% of the time with the right styling.

    Nobody Denim jacket | & Other Stories shirt (similar) | Nobody Denim jeans | Saint Laurent clutch | Mykita x Margiela sunglasses (similar) | Chloé sandals

    Nobody Denim jacket | & Other Stories shirt (similar) | Saint Laurent clutch


    Raw hems give your denim pieces character. I love denim with frayed edges in unexpected places - like the bottom of this jacket or the hem of cropped flares. This will give your denim a point of difference and make it worth holding onto year after year.

    Hansen & Gretel shirtNobody Denim jeans | Chloé shoes | Mykita x Margiela sunglasses (similar) | Holly Ryan earrings


    Denim is like wine - it keeps getting better with age. Ripped details and tears at the knees instantly give your denim that worn-in, laid-back feel. Balance is key here, though. Denim should look cool and comfortable (not like it's literally falling apart!).

    Hansen & Gretel shirt | Mykita x Margiela sunglasses (similar) | Holly Ryan earrings


    I find a slightly faded patch (1-2 shades lighter) at the front helps to define my legs and give them a good shape. This also adds to the whole understated, casual, lived-in thing.


    As in, high-waisted... DUH. A medium-high rise is always the most flattering on me, and I find it way easier to style. 

    Tuck a tee or boyfriend shirt in at the front to show the button (and give your waist definition) and leave the back hanging loose for easy, undone cool. 


    Vintage T-shirt | Nobody Denim jeans | Spring Court sneakers | Saint Laurent clutch | Mykita sunglasses

    Nicole Cooper

    *Shot in collaboration with Nobody Denim

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  • 03/21/16--01:33: You + me + Gucci = NOW.

  • What are you waiting for?!

    If I had to name one brand that is ticking all the boxes right now, it would be Gucci.

    The dreamy Dionysus (in every single size and colour), the super-chic horsebit loafers, the ethereal, cartoon-like dresses from the SS'16 collection... I'm vibing it all.


    And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, it did. 

    Guys, the new just launched complete with shoppable runway edits, endless #inspo and stunning imagery, and literally ALL the pretty Dionysus for your viewing and shopping pleasure (SO. MUCH. YES.). 

    We're not talking about a seen-it-before, run-of-the-mill website here, people - we're talking about a masterpiece. 


    So for this post, I've teamed up with my friends at Who What Wear Australia to spread the word because, trust me, you need to get there (STAT!). Ok ok, AND because it was an opportunity to prance around with this amazing striped Dionysus handbag (isn't it pretty?).

    I'm lusting over pretty much everything on the new site. Seriously, these block heel loafers with the double-G's and pearl studs are calling my name.

    Which piece(s) are you coveting most?! 


    Nicole Cooper

    *This is a collaboration with Who What Wear Australia and Gucci.

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    Meet Signorina Misteriosa by Salvatore Ferragamo.

    Fact: a truly unique perfume has the power to make you the centre of attention. I've tried and tested my fair share over the years, and I know I've struck gold when a stranger stops me on the street to ask which fragrance I'm wearing. 

    That's exactly what happened the first time I wore Signorina Misteriosa by Salvatore Ferragamo – and the second, and pretty much every other time after that.

    For the fragrance fanatics, the notes include wild blackberry, neroli, orange blossom, tuberose, black vanilla mousse and patchouli. It's kind of fruity-meets-oriental, and sweet-meets-subtly-seductive.

    It's now my go-to scent for after dark. No outfit feels complete without it.

    Out of the 24 perfume bottles sitting on my dressing table, it's my boyfriend's favourite, and although I usually opt for a more masculine scent, I knew there was something particularly special about this one when it even got him talking.

    I think it's safe to say I'm officially addicted, and after trying it, I think you will be too.

    Nicole Cooper


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    From the weekend, to work and beyond.

    Denim is the backbone of every good wardrobe. It's the one thing you can count on to complete every outfit and something to fall-back on when you have 'nothing to wear'.

    Blue denim looks perfectly undone when paired-back with basics, but black denim is my go-to when I want to look sleek and put-together.

    Yep, all-black-everything is my numero uno wardrobe backup plan - with sneakers, sunglasses and a cool bag thrown in the mix to break it up a bit.

    Here's a few I prepared earlier ft. some of my favourite black denim pieces.

    Which look is your favourite?


    Nobody Denim jeans | Topshop top | Nobody Denim jacket | Vans shoes | Ahlem sunglasses  (sold out, silver version here)


    Nobody Denim top | jacket | jeans | Acne boots | Saint Laurent clutch | Mykita x Margiela sunglasses (gold version here, silver version here)



    Nicole Cooper

    *Shot in collaboration with Nobody Denim.

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  • 05/16/16--06:01: Dancing in Dion Lee.

  • Hello Resort '17.

    I would never pass-up an opportunity to shoot some Dion Lee - especially when it involves pieces fresh off the runway. 

    We scored a 10/10 beautiful crisp autumn day and an amazing rooftop when we shot this, and we were so excited by the architectural shapes of these looks that it only seemed natural to dance. 

    Fashion week involves a lot of hard work (yes, really), but it's actually a whole lot of fun off the runway too, so I decided to capture a little bit of the not-so-serious side in these images.

    Congratulations, Dion, on yet another breathtaking show x

    Nicole Cooper

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    Fact: your beauty look can make or break your outfit.

    Incase you missed a whole week’s-worth of Instagram (LOL, JKS. No one ever does that right?), Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia (a.k.a. MBFWA) took place here in Sydney last week, and oh what a week it was.

    Doing things last minute is kind of my MO, so I only put my looks together on Thursday and Friday the week before. This year I felt like having a bit of fun. I was in the mood to wear things that were slightly unexpected (hello, pastel pink Gucci dress!).

    But there’s definitely a way to do it without feeling completely unlike ‘you’. It’s all about how you bring your look together at the end with accessories and, most importantly, your hair and makeup.

    These are the three looks I wore on rotation throughout the week. I think each one suits a particular kind of style and gives-off a different vibe. Which is your favourite?


    How it’s done:

    I love dressing like a tomboy, but to pull it off I need to keep my make-up ‘pretty’. I went for a creamy complexion with subtle contouring on the cheeks and eyes, softly defined brows and a pinkish-nude lip.

    Estée Lauder has these new cream contouring palettes for the eyes and face which are completely fool-proof. I used the darker shades to define my eyes and cheekbones without looking like I’m wearing make-up, and the lighter shade on the tops of my cheeks and my brow bone.

    I also used the Double Wear Brush-On Glow BB Highlighter to lift the shadows under my eyes and around my nose, and then finished-up with a slick across my cupid’s bow to accentuate my lips.

    Tip: for an airbrush finish, buff it all together with a stippling brush.

    The products:



    How it’s done:

    This outfit had a real 70s feel about it, but I wanted to toughen it up and give it a fashion edge. To do this, I always turn to a heavily defined eye.

    Start by creating a flawless base with foundation and concealer (where needed).

    Then, trace along your lower lash line (in between the lashes) with Little Black Liner (the thin end). My eyes are slightly downturned, so I only use liner on the top lashes from the centre of my eye out to the edge. Use the thin end of the liner to perfect the shape, and colour it in with the thick end for a bolder finish. Fill-in the water line with a pencil for more impact.

    Complete the look with a touch of pink on the cheeks and a sheer gloss on the lips - this creates balance and keeps the overall look fresh.

    The products:



    How it’s done:

    I always rely on a red lip to lift my face when I’m tired. The pop of colour distracts from puffy eyes and brings warmth to my complexion. To keep it balanced, I always go a bit heavier on the brow pencil, and further define the shape with a tinted brow gel (brushed upwards). 

    The products:


    Nicole Cooper

    *Shot in collaboration with Estée Lauder.

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    You can pretty much wear it 365 days a year.

    Denim has to be the best fashion fallback plan ever.

    If I'm running late and/or my pre-coffee-morning-brain is seriously struggling to put an outfit together, I know I can always rely on my faithful 501s and a plain tee - any given day of the year. 

    I also consider denim a 'neutral' colour (along with the blacks, whites and greys in my wardrobe), which makes it super easy to pair back with everything else.

    Basically, denim is always a worthy investment, and this coat by M.i.h. Jeans (a favourite new addition to my wardrobe) is no exception.

    Why? Because it rescues boring outfits (e.g. black skinny jeans and a plain black tee), and it's kind of an outfit on its own. Then again, if I'm feeling extra experimental I'll attempt a feminine take on the Canadian Tuxedo (exhibit A: these pictures) and wear it with my denim skirt.

    How else would you style it? I'm keen to hear your ideas!

    Let me know in the comments x


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  • 07/04/16--06:32: How I use serum every day

  • This changed my skin for reals. Watch the video.

    I’ve always been curious when it comes to the daily skin care rituals of other women. Obviously everyone is different and there’s no one-size-fits-all magic approach to perfect skin, but it’s so interesting to learn which products they swear by and exactly how they use them.

    My personal routine has always been really simple (cleanse and moisturise, with the addition of sunscreen in the morning) - mainly because I didn’t know where or how to start stepping it up.

    Since I turned 27 I’ve noticed my skin isn’t as fresh-looking as it used to be. I’ve been told time and time again that aging is all about prevention, so I’ve been trying to figure out what’s missing from my daily regime - and Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum was it.

    So rather than writing a post about this, I decided it would be fun to welcome you guys into my home and share my serum routine with you through video. Enjoy!

    Shop the products:

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  • 07/05/16--02:18: Into the Gucci Garden

  • Welcome to heaven on earth...

    There's definitely something magical happening at Gucci right now. 

    As soon as I slipped into that sheer pink Gucci dress for Australian fashion week, life basically felt like a fairytale. It was – like everything Alessandro Michele touches – a work of art. 

    Season after season, new collections burst onto the runway like a botanical arrangement in full bloom, and each release continues to be somehow more fresh and exciting than the last. It seems fitting, then, that today, launched an exclusive Gucci Garden capsule collection.

    We're talking everything from a new Dionysus emblazoned with the signature flora-and-fauna-inspired print, silk crêpe de chine blouses (with a built-in scarf), a reversible bomber jacket, sneakers, mules... you name it.

    Apart from the fact that it's so exclusive that if you blink, you might just miss out, life actually = complete. 

    I had the honour of taking the collection out for a spin while we shot these images on a sunny winter's afternoon in Sydney, and I think it has to be one of my favourite creative collaborations to date. We were lucky to find this incredible pink house in a backstreet in Paddington, and all of the elements just came together. 

    I guess this is what life looks like when everything's coming up roses. 

    Grazie, Gucci x 

    View the full collection here.

    Tāne Coffin

    Creative direction & styling: 
    Carmen Hamilton

    Hair & beauty: 
    Joel Phillips

    Tatiana Waterford and Patrick Mackey

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    Always chic. Never fails.

    Sometimes the simplest wardrobe items are the hardest to find - like the perfect white shirt, a new pair of jeans or a structured black blazer that fits just right... but when you finally find what you were looking for, it feels good. Really good.

    Black boyfriend blazers are something I've been pretty successful at hunting down in the past, but matching trousers are another story. I've been dying to find the ultimate boyfriend suit setup that feels cool and relaxed (without completely stripping-away my femininity), and as soon as I tried this one on, I knew I'd found it. The fit, the fabric and the finer details are on-point. It's serving me well way beyond the office, too.

    Here are four of my favourite suit styling tricks to instantly up your boss status. If you have any others I'd love you to share them in the comments!

    1. Expose your cuffs

    This easy trick instantly makes your outfit more interesting because it breaks-up the black. It also adds to the 'undone' factor (perfect for the weekend!). 

    2. Pay attention to the tuck

    I'm either a half-tuck, or no-tuck kinda girl. This makes a suit look more cool, less corporate. I also find it's more flattering because you can bypass the whole fabric bunching issue, but if you prefer to define your figure a bit more, make the half-tuck your go-to.

    3. Accessorise

    Jewellery will keep your look feminine, while sneakers add a tomboy twist. It's all about nailing that balance.

    4. Soft hair is a must

    Whether it's out or up, wear your hair natural with a soft wave or a bit of morning-after texture. 

    Keep your make-up fresh and pretty, or play it up at night with a bright lip.


    TY-LR blazer, trousers & shirt (available at Myer) | Elizabeth and James sunglasses | Reliquia earrings | Spring Court sneakers | Saint Laurent clutch


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    Zero crisp, white linen required.

    Sun-filled holiday destinations always conjure-up mental images of lounging around in a white strappy dress sipping rosé by the beach, but that's hardly ever the case (well, the white dress part anyway). 

    I tend to pack black. Lots of black. Why? Because it always looks sleek, you can wear the same pieces more than once without people noticing and you can spill the aforementioned rosé on it and pretend like nothing happened (it happens to the best of us).

    Lately I've been travelling a lot for work and I finally feel like I've mastered the art of packing well - particularly on my recent trip to Miami with MATCHESFASHION.COM where I was literally on the ground for a (very) hot second (i.e. a couple of days). 

    So I thought I'd make the most of the Miami heat (and some extremely temping recent arrivals on MATCHESFASHION.COM) by getting snap happy with my photographer friend extraordinaire Dan.

    Oh, and here's some of my newfound packing wisdom: 

    1. Roll, don't fold

    It makes each item easier to find (so you're not digging-up through piles!) and won't leave as many obvious creases.

    2. Pack fewer clothes and more accessories

    You can completely change the look of this black dress with different accessories (chunky necklaces and hoop earrings are my weakness at the moment), so you could get away with wearing it on multiple occasions. 

    3. Pack less, choose well

    Go for versatile pieces. This dress can be thrown over a bikini or rolled-down into a skirt post-swim, but it also makes the perfect dinner dress with strappy black sandals and a bright red lip. 

    I'm wearing it styled off-the-shoulder, but you could also wear the sleeves up, or experiment with blousing it out over the waist tie to make the length shorter.



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    Eat, swim, party, repeat.

    Incase you missed part one of this mini-series last week, it was all taking a 'less is more' approach to holiday style.

    That's basically my MO in life in general, but sometimes it's fun to mix it up and go a little bit crazy (especially when you're on vacation and particularly when you're in Miami). I always feel so inspired by my surroundings when I'm travelling and often find this quickly influences my outfit choices and the purchases I make. 

    So in addition to packing versatile staples (like this black dress from my last post), here's a couple of other things to consider:

    1. Always pack one hero statement piece. 

    Reserve it for a special outing at first, and then make it go that extra mile by dressing it down with other staple pieces you packed like a plain black tee. I'm obsessed with this skirt!

    2. Consider the crop.

    This obviously isn't for everyone, but I love wearing a black bandeau top with a high-waisted skirt or denim shorts. I always pair my (more covered-up) bikini tops back with other items in my wardrobe to create outfits when on holiday. This Zimmermann top is so perfect with the crochet detail, and it's black (my favourite colour). It's the ultimate vacation piece!

    Another plus - crops take up hardly any room in your suitcase and they're perfect for a super warm climate!

    3. Wear something totally OTT.

    Why? Because it's fun, and you're on holidays, and you (probably) don't know anyone anyway so nobody's judging. 

    I would probably look insane if I wore this outfit around Bondi, but in Miami I kinda fit right in (YOLO).

    4. Start making statement accessories your best friend.  

    I'm all about chunky hoop earrings, printed bags and embellished slides at the moment. They instantly make an all-black outfit more interesting, but I'm also getting back into clashing prints and statement jewellery and accessories with chunky gold hardware. 

    Dare I say minimalism is slowly dying?



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  • 08/17/16--05:04: Beach, bar & beyond

  • When it's 40 degrees, bikinis are life. 

    It's technically still 'winter' here in Australia but the amazing weather this week has me excited for what's to come. 

    I can't wait to be done with winter layering for a while and get back to keeping it simple. I basically live by two philosophies in summer - less is more, and a little swimsuit can go a long way!

    I did this shoot featuring my favourite pieces from Miléa Resort a few weeks ago in Miami. I love the simplicity of them and the subtle details. For me, warm weather is all about comfort and ease. When in doubt, keep it classic, I say!

    Here are my three favourite ways to wear a bikini beyond the beach:


    Tomboy vibes and a little bit of skin peeking out the sides - throwing a pair of overalls over your swimmers is the easiest way to make them bar-appropriate. Think summer afternoons with wet hair, big shades and a chilli margarita in hand (extra salty of course).


    If I'm vibing something more floaty and feminine, I go for a chic white cover-up. Literally. Never. Fails. Wear it with cool sunglasses and fine jewellery and you're good to go pretty much anywhere.


    A one-piece is always a good idea if you're not 100% sure where you'll end up later. A pair of jeans or denim cut-offs will transform your outfit from beach to street in a second - zero effort or thought required.  

    Wearing Miléa Resort (styled back with denim pieces).


    *Shot in collaboration with Miléa Resort.